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Getting Nostalgic: Virtual Server 2005

I like Virtual Server 2005, don't get me wrong. I just drafted up a technical reminder for some of my guys this morning and I thought I'd dump it into a blog entry. Virtual Server 2005's web console made some assumptions about how it would be deployed, and if the deployment was outside of any of those parameters, you'd have funny little problems; problems like "not working":

There's probably lots of ways around this, here's how we do it:

Enable Basic Authentication for the site, security bedamned. Of course, we're okay with this because we don't allow this console to be open to the rest of the network, it's only accessible via the host server, which is basically our "virtual server room" appliance. Bang off an IISRESET for good measure (not strictly required, but whatever) and now you can open your console. Enter your plaintext Administrative credentials (bonus points for remembering them!), and you now have a working console.