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Is my blog dead?

No, my blog is not dead.  Well, I guess it is, sorta.  I've been extremely busy in both my personal and professional life, and since writing is last on my list of things to do, that's how my blog ends up so dusty and stale.  I've been doing some cool stuff though:

- checking out Check Point's new SMB appliances (underwhelmed)
- re-engaging with CompTIA's Security Trustmark process
- learning lots of Hyper-V tips and tricks from Aidan Finn
- getting back into lifting heavy and often using Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program
- continuing to contribute and play for my local rugby club
- helping run an IT consulting firm, no big deal
- watching my three amazing kids grow into men

So yeah, got a few things going on.  I'll try and add more interesting stuff though.