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VS2005 doesn't like NICs that are late to the party

Scenario: You've been running Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP whatever. Its working fine. Then, you add a new NIC to the mix, not physically mind you, maybe you un-disable one that's been sitting there unused. Its the same type of NIC as the one you've already been using, just, you know, another one.

And then Virtual Server decides not to see it in the admin console. This has annoyed me in the past, and normally when this happens we shutdown (or save) the VM(s) and reinstall VS2005 (*cough* downtime). I decided to try and find out if the situation has changed. It really hasn't.

My research pulled up the following:

1. The reinstall:

2. The hopeful workaround that doesn't:

3. The (only slightly) better solution than reinstall:

Only option 1) worked in this situation. I mean, if you're quick you can do the reinstall in a few minutes flat and have your VMs up and running before you know it. But still. I just wish that Microsoft would release one more update or service pack for VS2005 to deal with these annoying little issues. In the meantime, we're just continuing the push towards Hyper-V.

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